Sunday, November 25, 2007

Paper Arts in Mineral Point

The Fall Art Tour. Oh yeah! saw a lot of cool stuff, and got to drive around the countryside on a lovely fall day at the height of the color. And collect postcards.

At the Green Lantern Studio in Mineral Point, I met artist Carole Spelic and talked to her about the cast paper vessels she was showing there. Her vases and bowls are very colorful, and startlingly lightweight. She had a demonstration sample that showed the stages of the work as she builds up colored paper pulps around a form, and then sands and polishes the vessel smooth. The black linear characters that decorate the colored vases are based on Gregg shorthand letterforms -- which I learned in high school myself back in the Late Stenographic Era -- set in a textural pulp with something of the look of stone aggregate.

Of course we looked at all the other cool stuff in the gallery, even though we had skipped all the other galleries in town. The other thing I terribly admired was this huge pulp-painting diptych by Roland Poska. Paper pulp cast into a mural, with what lovely color!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Cat video?!

This makes me laugh out loud.....