Thursday, October 18, 2007

Mail Art and Books

Yeah, we've been letting our blog languish a bit over the last month. We both had a couple shows to deal with, including the citywide Open Studio event. Now I'm digging through hundreds of books and reading some, hundreds of papers and in the pile-up found a mail art piece that I never mailed off. So while I was scanning the piece, I googled the source, and found some others from Moreno Menarin that were posted at The Postman Always Rings Twice by a book artist in Holland. Pretty cool stuff. Lemme see if I can post my Menarin thingy here, while I work out who to send it on to.

How about it, Chris? it's been a while. I've just got myself onto an envelope exchange with calligraphers from the international conference... at least I think that's where the contact came from. This mail art actually came to me from Dale Spiers, a papernet fanzine nexus in Canada. I did the calligraphic blockprint-cut stamping.

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