Thursday, March 6, 2008

Origami papers to print

This is so cool. I have been buying origami paper for decades, and don't even use it for origami any more. When I started using it in collage I was delighted to find the little square packs of highly decorated printed papers, because the big book-artist sheets are awfully expensive, and I always want one of each and every design. But now the nice people at Canon have made it possible for me to print out these papers at home, and have provided explanations of the Japanese pattern names and symbolism too. My printer doesn't make the nice raised gold lines of the real expensive stuff, but you get the general idea.

Some of us have a thing about paper: making it, decorating it, collecting it, which makes some sense if you are a book artist or collage artist, although it can lead to teensy storage and filing problems when you accumulate more than you are using. Although we don't like to admit outright to hoarding. Okay, my name is Jae and I am a paper addict.

This papercraft site has some interesting projects on it too, calendars and cards and whatnot, although my preference is not to work from kits.

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