Sunday, June 8, 2008

Photography in the neighborhood gallery

I was sitting on a bench talking on my cellphone yesterday, next to a sandwich sign advertising a one-day gallery show, when the wind switched around to the south and tornado siren sounded. I sought shelter, as you do, in the gallery where it happened two young fellows, Joe and Eric, were having a terrifically varied photography show, and we talked.

We talked about the other Saturday events happening the neighborhood that I had been surveying. We talked about the gallery space on Lakeside Street, and about art fairs and what is an artist to do these days of modern times here in the future. We talked about their signs which said EXPLOSION (a nine-letter word in three lines) in a square typeface newly designed by Joe (only the caps because he had a hard time making lower-case look square), with a sort of flower-power look, which were hand-stencilled onto the signs. They had big photos for free, or mounted ones for minimal cost. Even the big wall ones mounted on foamcore were only like $150. Joe has a day job and does websites, but his is down. Eric does creative media consulting at BrickHouse (the cool pictures are all on the link) and does wedding photography too and works in a frame shop and was willing to frame anything I was interested in to my desire.

They had both black and white and color pictures. They had abstracts, landscapes, architectural photography, baby pictures, still lifes, long-exposure nighttime photos, and band performances. Film and digital. Have I left anything out?

Need anything for your wall? Thanks, I already have some.

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  1. Jae,

    Thank you for stopping by on Saturday and posting about my showing this weekend. I like to think the storm happened so you could seek shelter in the gallery so that we could meet and spread the word about the gallery space there on Lakeside Street along with my passion for creating artistic visual imagery with a camera.

    I want to thank Michael Ulrich the building owner and everyone who came out to make the show a huge success! I will be back in approx. 2 months to do it again for sure!

    Thanks again,

    Eric Baillies