Sunday, September 21, 2008

Carmel Anderson

Marci and I went to the Hidden River Art Festival at the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts yesterday. Nothing gets me all jazzed than talking to artists and looking at their work. One of the first booths we stopped at was Carmel Anderson. I was immediately draw to her painting because of 1) interesting subject matter 2) the bright beautiful colors 3) texture !!
This is what Carmel says of the Women's Series:
Artist’s Statement for Women’s Series:
Painting the deep, rich and often complex souls of women is paramount to this series. I began reflecting on the subject of women and wisdom as I approached a new phase of life. While pondering the concept of wisdom I observed, studied and reflected upon what it might mean to be “a wise woman”. Birds represent a hope which I feel everyone desires in their life, as eloquently expressed by Emily Dickinson’s poem. I’ve come to see that wise people have chosen to face challenges of life directly, and consequently emerged stronger and wiser. Observing these women as they love, share, learn, forgive, while living contently and fearlessly, this is the power behind this series. My hope is that my art resonates with your soul wherever you may be in life’s journey.

Hope is the Thing
with Feathers
That Perches in the Soul
And Sings the tune
without the Words,
And Never Stops at All......

Emily Dickinson

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  1. Just this past week, I was thinking of Carmel and wondering where she was these day. We both attended the UofM Duluth before she transferred to design school in Chicago. Somehow I surfed onto your blog and here she is!!!! Thanks so much for being here and linking to her!...pure serendipity...i just had a hunch it was the same person and checked her bio.