Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Open Art Studios this weekend

Hello? hello? is this thing on?

When we used to do art fairs I had a list of the things I should do to get ready, and then about a week before the date I would kind of panic and actually start matting whatever I had on hand. This is only the third, er, fourth, time I've been in the annual Madison Area Open Art Studios and today seems to be the day that I am actually moving the ponderous machinery into place for a little open house, that is open garage studio, this Saturday and Sunday.

This year the continuous slide show is going to work, because I actually ordered new bulbs for the slide projector that conked out last year early Saturday. So it's not all last minute. Some weeks ago I looked at my notes from previous years, and made a list of all the clever things I had thought of to do to promote this little event. Not that I expect a lot of people to come, or a lot of sales, but this year I would like to make sure that everyone in my immediate neighborhood gets the idea that I am here doing this lettering stuff. So, signage. Funny thing, that's a specialty of mine. I'm going to chalk some stuff on the sidewalks too. Roman script style graffitti. Maybe some brush lettering in acrylic, or just paint on my yard sculptures. Paint on people's bodies if they like. Even demonstrate traditional calligraphic craft if anyone's interested.

The people who volunteer to organize this event are real champions. Meetings that last less than an hour! Helpful publicity materials! Timely reminders! I wish I could go to some of the other studios to see what they're up to, but I gotta stay home and Do Art!

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