Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Daniella Woolf

Daniella Woolf is an encaustic artist.  
Her work is so innovative, personal
with a goodly dose of wit. 

I bought her DVD
and absolutely love it.
Daniella has a wonderful sense of humor
and pairs it with her
amazing creativity.
She thoroughly covers many, many encaustic techniques.
I have been experimenting with encaustics a bit,
and now have many more techniques and ideas
to add to my own art.
Next on my wish list is her book.
I just had a birthday....and Christmas is kinda far away.....
dang it ;(


  1. Chris, I've got this book on hold at the public library. Yikes, did I stay up late the other night looking at the encaustic stuff online. But the one that has already come in and is waiting for me is Joanne Mattera's Art of Encaustic Painting.

  2. And I have got more to say about that: click here and enter "encaustic" in the search window at the top. You can get some of the stuff we were talking about right there at your Wauwatosa library!

  3. Thanks for the link....I'll have to see what I can find there. I know what you mean, you start following a thread and it's hours later before you know it.