Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Rebecca Crowell

Rebecca Crowell
Annaghmakerrig 48" x 36" (2011)

Rebecca Crowell is an artist I have admired for sometime. 
 In May of 2011, I took a cold wax and oil workshop that she taught at her studio.
Being in a an artist's studio for a workshop allows you to take in their surroundings,
see their stuff, see stuff you wouldn't see in a classroom.
For instance...
There was a HUGE painting waiting to be picked up.
 It was a commission from an out of state hospital.
Rebecca's work has such incredible depth.
Revealing, exposing, covering up, veiling -- layer upon layer.
This Friday she will be in Milwaukee for an opening
at the Elaine Erickson Gallery.
I can hardly wait.
Hope you check out her website and blog.
You're in for something fantastic.

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  1. I've just recently discovered Rebecca Crowell and I'm enamored with her work. How lucky you are to have taken a class with her at her studio.