Thursday, June 7, 2007

Don McLean's Van Gogh

That YouTube animation (morphing of idealized women, very interesting) that Chris posted a few days ago brought me to this and this. Apparently there is an entire little genre of Van Gogh slide shows set to McLean's song about Van Gogh, "Starry Starry Night". Nice song, and more images of paintings by Van Gogh that I have never seen before. And I have been looking at Van Gogh in various places from the time his sunflowers hit Boston at the Museum of Fine Arts when I was six, to the big Van Gogh-Gauguin show in Chicago a few years ago, and how many galleries and prints and photos in between.

Here's another one that pans the paintings, not such good resolution, but yet more paintings I haven't seen, although some of them are iconic Van Gogh. It's a four-minute song, and the pace of each slide show is a painting every two to three seconds. I knew he was prolific, but gee.

OMG! there's one for Gauguin too! YouTube is still mysterious to me. Where do you get permissions to use this kind of stuff? I bet you don't! the information wants to be free! It's digital folk art.

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