Thursday, January 25, 2007

Denis Brown

Fabulous calligraphy on a site with lots of bells and whistles!


  1. Hi Chris.

    Denis is very gifted isn't he ? Charles Pearce has written my favourite calligraphy text "The Anatomy of Letters". Perhaps you would like to see my sites ?

    So do you use fine writing tools yourself ?

  2. Hi Alison,
    Lovely work! I especially enjoyed seeing your books! Yes, I'm a calligrapher too. How did you hear of our blog? Glad you visited!

  3. Alison's website is a good example of a couple or twelve things we should be thinking of when we have websites, Chris. The slideshow in particular is an excellent way to show book content -- you could virtually page right through that way, without the museum-display problem of being able to show only one spread at a time. The opening video of live calligraphy is pretty fine too. Flashy, but oh so educational!

    I personally really like the range of Alison's work, from formal to extremely informal styles. They seem to have had a lot of the fun teachers Down Under from the same circuit we have been on too.

  4. But we were talking about Denis. I have only begun to do some of the photoshopping that he demonstrated at conference some years ago. I hate to think how many -- I should look it up -- but it was distinguished as one of the first Powerpoint slideshow type thingies that actually worked really effectively there, and he was attempting to educate a very non-computer-savvy audience.

    I have his Pangur Ban poster on the wall here, and the idea that you could scan a piece of vellum and then apply a layer of artwork (or three) without actually laying pen to actual vellum is something I still have to think about some more. You know, it could be handmade paper instead of vellum, and all the nubbly pulp-painting bits would pose no obstacle at all.

    But that is assuming one works for some form of reproduction. It gives a whole new depth to the term Mixed Media.