Thursday, January 11, 2007

fling the paint

I have 2 Bob Burridge dvd's, he is a highly energetic teacher, has a great sense of humor and is a fabulous painter. He paints abstracts, florals, landscapes, still lifes....not much he hasn't done. I enjoy the painterly quality of his paintings and the vivid colors. On his abstract painting dvd, he paints with a mop! He paints very quickly with reckless abandon. He makes you believe that you can paint, and you can. Get thee behind me inner critic.....


  1. Whoa!

    First thing I went to was the Figurative Abstracts.

    He's quite a colorist and you know that always really gets me.

  2. Now I gotta go paint.

    I got a new shower curtain yesterday. As you know this was quite overdue. (I don't care if they make good dropcloths, the old ones are out of here now!) I walked into Macy's basement and walked to the shelf and picked a translucent curtain, to let the light into my tiny bathroom from the window, with greenish-grey skeleton leaves all over it. Celadon I think it said, but really they are gray, and with the gray tile floor you know it really looks very subdued and peaceful, all warm neutrals. Then I was looking at the water-spotted Renoir poster on the wall, and thought, acrylics can handle this environment! I have a canvas the right size that needs recycling, I have gesso and know how to use it! So I think neutrals will look better than bright colors, even though I am usually a bright color person.

  3. Interesting that he mentioned that one of his concerns in abstract painting is restraint! I realize now that I forgot to check out how large the paintings are - perhaps they are much larger than Jacobs - they certainly have a lot more going on!