Saturday, January 13, 2007

Voodoo doodad daddy

Michael deMeng takes pez dispensers, shoes, sardine cans, matchbooks, hats and other "supports", and transforms them into shrines. Love the rusty look. He's been to Valley Ridge a number of times teaching his techniques. Fun art to look at.

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  1. Boy that one got me wandering! His blog too...

    But if you go to the News section of his website, and scroll down most of the way, he has an interesting transcript of a speech he made about artist's statements. How if you can tell in words what you meant in a painting, you wouldn't have to paint it.

    You know we were talking about making artist's statements to post in the booth, and then being calligraphers we'd have to do them In Calligraphy. And that way lies madness! or maybe that way lies deeper art. Same difference. Using our own words instead of always quoting authorized Poets and Writers. Which is curiously enough exactly what we are doing here.

    Calligraphers are a quote-happy bunch.