Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Art Marketing

If you're anything like me, you'd rather stick a sharp object in your eye than deal with art marketing. Perhaps that's why I still have a day job (ya think). I admit it....I'm not brave and I don't take rejection well. Why am I an artist?.....cuz I can't not be. It's what I am. Over the years I'm learning that one needs thicker skin, but I'm not there yet. Don't know that I ever will be. When you put your art out there, it's part of who you are. How can you NOT take comments personally? Art fairs are interesting in that people say the darnedest things. ["I saw these at Penny's for $30, why are you asking $**? My granddaughter does this. How much of a discount are you offering? Do you have this is sage to match my bedspread? You know what you should do?] After doing art fairs for 10 years, you hear stuff that makes you nuts and is down right insulting. Art marketing? thank you, I'd just as soon make art and let the "other stuff" take care of itself. Is it any surprise that nothing happens until you do something about it? There's an old proverb "When you pray, move your feet". Who knew? I'm just starting to read (again) "Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway" by Susan Jeffers. I've been lurking in blog-land reading other artist's journeys. It's validating reading other artist's struggles and victories, but I can't live in blog-land, it's time for action. Baby steps....anything to keep you moving forward. Here's a few links I find helpful.

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