Monday, May 7, 2007

Misty Mawn

I really like Misty's art, the colors and textures are wonderful. The whimsical nature of the figures with other elements create a deeper message. Her blog is a daily check in for me, she is very thoughtful, it's encouraging to read about balancing daily life with artmaking-complete with emotional ups and downs.. This is a blog I should be writing ;D (Note to self....start an art making blog)


  1. Well, you could use this blog. Although it would probably make more sense to start another for that different purpose. Give you a place to check in and report. But first you have to learn how to insert illos and photos! and we can do that here if you like.

    I like how Misty Mawn uses printed and handwritten texts in her collage. But please, wider format, for a bit less scrolling and more words per line when that wraparound thingy happens around the pictures. I think I have directions somewhere for making that wraparound thingy...

  2. eek, what is an illos? This week will post a picture, there, now I'm accountable!

  3. oops. illo is fanzine talk for an illustration.

    if you need some filler art to fill in a column (hardcopy layout)that is a fillo (maybe related to text or maybe not).