Friday, May 4, 2007

Red Poppy

Poetry is bread. Our post about Pablo Neruda brought us a new contact to the fine people who published The Essential Neruda, which as you know Chris is already on my shelf. I am still looking for the poem my Cuban mother described about the scent of lilacs in the springtime, but I digress. What I've linked here is a page that explains a bit about the various Red Poppy projects and features Neruda's last poem, "The Hour of the Garden".

But! with that you get not only poetry, documentary filmmaking and social justice in the Americas! Another item for my growing list of things to do when in San Francisco is the Current Exhibit at the associated Red Poppy Art House, or at least to take in a performance on their eclectic schedule of concerts.

If you scroll down on that Current Exhibit, you'll find a lot of paintings by their Artist In Residence, Todd Brown, who uses calligraphic marks and printed texts in his wonderfully colored paintings, that seem to me to take expressionist collage in the direction of folk tale and fairy story. Which as you know Chris is just my kinda thang.

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  1. Jae, That online exhibit is wonderful. It would be nice if it were possible to click on the paintings for detail images. Very nice work indeed!