Thursday, May 10, 2007

The good news and the bad news......

Okay, for the good news....I'm learning how to post pictures on the blog.....this was a scan that was uploaded. Not the clearest image, but it's a start (note to self: more tweaking needed), the bad news is that I've not yet learned how to write text with the steps.

The image is a color test using yellow ochre and cerulean blue. Those colors produce some luscious greens. I was working on an exercise that Jae gave me several months ago. She took a workshop with Peter Thornton based on the work of Adolf Bernd. Here is an example of his work. Here? Yee-ha!
He drew letters and then enhanced them with various shapes and colors. Jae said to take some watercolor, paint a square and change the color a bit, then change the color a bit again, paint another square......lather, rinse, repeat. Your painting will have very subtle changes in color that have quite an impact on the design. Beautiful work!

Jae is trying to figure out what is wrong with this link, but without success. Meanwhile, here is a link to Jae's LiveJournal post about the Adolph Bernd workshop last fall.

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